Friday, June 3, 2016

Second Hand Score: Star Wars & A Grab Bag

Scored these bad boys today. Pictured you'll see a Furby Boom (McDonalds 2013), Dino Grabber, Doug's dog Porkchop (McDonalds 1999), DC Universe Infinite Heroes Weather Wizard (2008), Mickey Mouse figurine (Applause 198?), Rugrats DVD Double Feature unopened and a Fox Video release of The Empire Strikes Back! All together these cost under $5.
I just think the artwork on this Star Wars VHS box is superior to anything we have on the shelves today. Also, I haven't seen the non "Special Edition" version of this film in a long time. It will be interesting to see the differences between the two.
I will be adding the Mickey & Porkchop to my collection. The other toys will find a nice home, I'm sure. There is still one more thing that I left out of the picture. This was the highlight of this toy grab bag. Ladies & gentlemen...Introducing...
FREAKIN' MAC TONIGHT!!!! I have never owned anything with this McDonald icon's sun glassed, moon shaped face on it before, but damn I had to add him to the collection. How could you not? I still remember his catchy songs and weird commercials trying to get me to buy a McD.L.T. and Chicken McNuggets as a late night snack to this day. So, I end this post with a spot from McDonalds circa 1986! ENJOY!!!!

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